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Lenox Holiday Soup Bowls

Lenox's Holiday soup bowls are enticing for your next get-together, with our 4 cereal soup bowls, we can provide a delicious and satisfying meal for all of your friends. The 6 14 x 2, diameter bowl is produced of sturdy materials that will last for many years. The Lenox Holiday soup bowls are unequaled alternative to make your home more festive and inviting.

Lenox Christmas Soup Bowls

Lenox is a company that produces high-quality food, their christmas soup bowls are part of their product line. This bowl is adorned with a gold band and contains holly and berry onions, the bowl is top-of-the-line for shoppers who desire to show off their Holiday decor or for serving soup or salad. This bowl is in like manner a valuable alternative to teach children about food and how it makes people happy, this Lenox soup bowls is a beautiful tartan style bowl with an 9-year-old brand new bowl brand. The bowl is beautiful and new with a brand new Lenox logo on the front, this bowl is a fantastic value for your kitchen. Lenox soup bowl is an iconic bowl used during the early days of soup making to hold the cooked soup, broth or food, today, it can be used as a practical addition to each kitchen, with the Lenox bowl having a variety of colors and styles to choose from. This Lenox Holiday soup bowl is in unused condition, it is manufactured of white porcelain and offers a green and white enameled logo. It is about 15, 5 cm wide and offers a green and white enameled logo.